Fun Links for High Schoolers and Adults

A Nature and Nurture Walk in Mendel Park- Genetics
Activity to Identify Kids’ Strengths
Anatomy Arcade
Animal Cell – Tutorial – Science
Apps for High School Learning
Bacteria Cell – Tutorial – Science
Bacteria in the Cafeteria Game | AMNH
Beautiful Relaxing Games – Calm & Stress Relief Online Activities
Birdwatching with Theodore Roosevelt | AMNH
Brain Teaser Game
Build a Bridge Game Online, physics puzzle
Build It Yourself! game Satellite/NASA
Chirality Game Learn today, build a brighter tomorrow.
Coding Games
Composer | Educational Music Activity
Cool Physics games for PC
Cool Science Videos for Middle and High Schoolers
Cosmic Connections | AMNH
CSI: THE EXPERIENCE — Web Adventures
Dad, how do I?
Difficult Brain Teasers for Adults
DNA Detective | AMNH
Drawing Puzzle Game Online Physics Drop
Escape Puzzle
European Country Matching Game
Evidence: How Do We Know What We Know?
Excel Easy: free Excel tutorial
Explore Science – Infectious Diseases
Exploring Geometric Solids – NCTM
Flowers | Free Online Games
Free Logic Puzzle River Cross Problem Game
Free Online Algebra Games
Free Virtual Science Labs and Dissections is an educational trivia game that helps you get smarter while making a difference for people around the world.
Fun Science Videos
General Knowledge Brain Teaser Game
Guess the Number – a game on Funbrain
Gummy Blocks
Hexagon Fall | Puzzles
Historical Films and Documentaries – FREE HOMESCHOOL HIGH SCHOOL
Human Microbiome Minecraft Games
Interactive Math game
Interesting Interactive Lessons for Middle and High Schoolers
International Space Station Tour
Jam Campus
Journal Buddies Writing Prompts
Kitty Scramble Word Puzzle Online
Layers of Time | AMNH
Learn the 50 US states – Geography tutorial game of the United States
Learn the capitals of the USA – Tutorial Level – Geography Map Game
Learn the geography of Europe – Tutorial Learning Level Map Game – Geography
Learn to Type Game
Learn4Good Word Search
Letter Predator game – the words have something to do with dinosaurs
Little Alchemy Start with four basic items and combine them to make dinosaurs, unicorns and spaceships!
Make Code
Math Live game
N-SQUAD — Explore Science – Alcohol
New Word Puzzle Game
Nobel Prize: Pavlov’s Dog Game
Number Cracker – a game on Funbrain
Ocean Creature Feature | AMNH
Ology Games and Activities
One False Move – a game on Funbrain
Online Typing Game free
Optical Illusions and How They Work | AMNH
Parking Learn • Create • Play
PBS NC At-Home Learning Broadcast Schedule
Penguin Waiter – a game on Funbrain
Physics Game Puzzle
Physics-based Puzzle Game
Plant Cell – Tutorial – Science
Plates on the Move Game | AMNH
Play High School Games on HoodaMath
Power Football – a game on Funbrain
Rooting Out Words – a game on Funbrain
Scramble-Saurus – a game on Funbrain
Skeleton Tutorial – Anatomy- Health Game
Slicing Puzzle Game
Slider Shape Puzzle
Sliding Squares Puzzle Game
Solve the Outbreak
Sortify: Parts of Speech – GameUp
Stay Afloat – a game on Funbrain
Take the Climate Quiz | AMNH
Text Twist 2
The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits
The Periodic Table – a game on Funbrain
Total Darkness Game
Typing Games free online keyboarding practice,
Typing Tests
USA 50 States Geographical Education Game
USA Landscapes Game – Georegions Map Game – Geography
Village Story Vocabulary Quiz Game
Weather Dog – a game on Funbrain
What Do You Know About Genetics? | AMNH
What Do You Know About Poison? | AMNH
What Do You Know About Virtual Water? | AMNH
Who is That? – a game on Funbrain
Word Candy
Word Scrabble
Word Scramble Puzzles for the Classroom–or Anywhere!
World Continents & Oceans Games – geography online games
World Geography Flags Maniac
You are the Queen | AMNH
Zoology > Talking to Fireflies

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