Fun Middle School Enrichment Links

Treasure Diving: Synonyms Game
Graphing Points to Find Treasure Part 1 Game
Graphing Points to Find Treasure Part 2 Game
Treasure Diving: Solving One-Step Multiplication and Division Equations Game
Match: Greatest Common Factor Game
Treasure Diving: Solving One-Step Equations (Mixed Operations) Game
Dino Skateboarding: Connotations (Game 1) Game
Match: Find the Synonyms Game
Match: Common Root Words Game
Match: Find the Antonyms Game
Match: Least Common Multiple Game
Water Rafting: Ordering Integers Game
Game of Bones: Pronouns in Compound Subjects and Objects Game
Graphing Game: Rescue Mission Game
Dino Skateboarding: Figurative Language (Game 1) Game
Treasure Diving: Solving One-Step Addition and Subtraction Equations Game
Treasure Diving: Subtracting Integers Game
Ski Racer: Dividing Integers Game
Match: Antonyms Game
Water Rafting: Multiplying Integers Game
Match: Synonyms Game
Match: Add and Subtract Integers Game
Water Rafting: Adding Integers Game
Treasure Diving: Solving One-Step Addition and Subtraction Inequalities Game
Dino Skateboarding: Figurative Language (Game 2) Game
Match: Meaning of Root Words Game
Treasure Diving: Solving One-Step Multiplication and Division Inequalities Game
Ski Racer: Missing Integers With Mixed Operations Game
Dino Skateboarding: Connotations (Game 2) Game
Treasure Diving: Synonyms Game
Know It All! | Trivia Questions for Kids Game
Beach Jeep | ELA Games | Plural Nouns, Irregular Verbs, Adjectives, and Adverbs
Jet Tank | Place Value Games Online for Kids | 4th and 5th grade
Say What?! | Mad Libs Game
Click States | Games with States and Capitals | 50 States, Capitals, and Nicknames
Kid Heroes Verbs | Verb Games Online
Freddy Football | Cool Math Sports Game Online
Alpha-Quick | Type the Alphabet | ABC Typing
Math Race | Cool Footrace Game Online
Tic-Math-Toe | Tic Tac Toe Math Game
Time Hunter | Telling Time Games | Elapsed Time Online
Shot Clock | Basketball Math Games
Zap-A-Zoid | Factors and Multiples Games Online
Spot Kicker | Soccer Math Game
Temple Tantrums
Missiles & Multiples | Multiples Games for Kids
Absolute Zero | Negative Number Sense Game with Integers
Block Buster | Fact Family Games for Kids
Fraction Fighters | Fractions Games for Kids Online
Snowball Fight | Basic Math Facts (Additions, Subtraction, Multiplication, & Division)
Astro Blaster | Estimating and Rounding Games Online
Popcorn Typer | Typing Game for Kids & Elementary Students
Spelling Bees | Free Spelling Games for Kids
Cannonball Cats | Figurative Language | Similes, Metaphors, Personification, Hyperbole
Cheese Race | Free Math Facts Game for Kids
In Other Words | Anagram Word Game
Bango | Place Value Games Online for Kids
Authors Purpose | Free Reading Skills Game
Falling Stars | Word Forming Spelling Game
Math Quest | Adventure Game for Kids
Bad Apples | Free Word Forming Games for Kids
Prefix Popper | Free Prefix Games Online
Whack-A-Troll | Free Math Facts Game for Kids Online
Fool’s Gold | Free Parts of Speech Game Online
Kid Heroes Theme | Story Theme Games Online
Color Your Universe: Find the Hidden Objects
Imagine the Universe! – Space Forensics
Scope It Out! game Webb Telescope/NASA
Play Earth Squad, Go! | Free Online KS2 Science Game for Kids
Play Junkateers | KS2 Science Free Online Game for Kids
Meet the Greenhouse Gases!
Explore Mars: A Mars Rover Game
Go With the Flow: An Ocean Currents Game
DSN Uplink-Downlink: A DSN Game
Play Helios: A Game About How the Sun Makes Energy!
Trace Space Back to You | Home & City 3
Write your own zany adventure story!
StarChild: A Learning Center for Young Astronomers
The Blood Type Game – learn about blood groups, blood typing and blood transfusions
Nobel Prize: DNA – The Double Helix Game
CyGaMEs Selene: Players construct their own moon
Typing Games
Stay Afloat – a game on Funbrain
The Periodic Table – a game on Funbrain
The Plural Girls – a game on Funbrain
SpellaRoo – a game on Funbrain
Shape Surveyor – a game on Funbrain
Power Football – a game on Funbrain
Rooting Out Words – a game on Funbrain
Weather Dog – a game on Funbrain
Number Cracker – a game on Funbrain
Soccer Shootout – a game on Funbrain
Scramble-Saurus – a game on Funbrain
Guess the Number – a game on Funbrain
Spelling Gorillas – a game on Funbrain
Penguin Waiter – a game on Funbrain
Triangles and Angles Splat – Math Game
Line Game – Geometry Math Game
Shapes in Motion Game – Early Geometry Math Game for kids
Greatest Common Factor Math Game
Learn the geography of Europe – Tutorial Learning Level Map Game – Geography
USA Landscapes Game – Georegions Map Game – Geography
Digestion Tutorial – Anatomy- Health Game
World Continents & Oceans Games – geography online games
Learn the capitals of the USA – Tutorial Level – Geography Map Game
Learn the 50 US states – Geography tutorial game of the United States
Animal Cell – Tutorial – Science
Plant Cell – Tutorial – Science
Bacteria Cell – Tutorial – Science
Skeleton Tutorial – Anatomy- Health Game
Activity to Identify Kids’ Strengths
Apps for Middle School and High School | Summer Learning
Design Squad
Letter Predator game – the words have something to do with dinosaurs
Dung Beetle Derby game
Grade 6 – Practice with Math Games
Grade 7 – Practice with Math Games
Grade 8 – Practice with Math Games
Math Tricks
Math Puzzles
NCTM Tessellation Creator
Cube Nets illuminations
Exploring Geometric Solids – NCTM
Math Trivia
A Nature and Nurture Walk in Mendel Park- Genetics
Are YOU cut out for Mars? | AMNH
Birdwatching with Theodore Roosevelt | AMNH
Bacteria in the Cafeteria Game | AMNH
Human Microbiome Minecraft Games
Layers of Time | AMNH
How Lou Got the Flu | AMNH
Silk Road Fables | AMNH
Sounds of the Silk Road | AMNH
Take the Climate Quiz | AMNH
Zoology > Talking to Fireflies
What Do You Know About Genetics? | AMNH
What Do You Know About Poison? | AMNH
What Do You Know About Virtual Water? | AMNH
You are the Queen | AMNH Learn today, build a brighter tomorrow
Learn to Type Game
Journal Buddies Writing Prompts
Word Scramble Puzzles for the Classroom–or Anywhere! Vocabulary Quiz Game
Beat Box » Toy Theater | Learn • Create • Play
Composer | Educational Music Activity
Contraction Action
Crossword Puzzle Creator
Escape Puzzle
Flowers | Free Online Games
Fun Factory – Punctuation & Capitalization
Gummy Blocks
Hexagon Fall | Puzzles
Hold the Phone – An Idiom Game
Koala Paddle Boards – Spelling Practice
Parking Learn • Create • Play
Parts of Speech Quest 1 – Nouns
Parts of Speech Quest 2 – Verbs
Parts of Speech Quest 3 – Adjectives
Parts of Speech Quest 4 – Adverbs
Parts of Speech Quest 5 – Pronouns
Parts of Speech Quest 6 – Prepositions
Parts of Speech Quest 7 – Conjunctions
Parts of Speech Quest 8 – Interjections
Parts of Speech Quest 9 – Final Review
Piano | Online Interactive Music Activity
Slider Shape Puzzle
Sliding Squares Puzzle Game
Spelling Spree
Stack Physics Stacking Puzzle
Step Right Up! – Synonyms & Antonyms
Word Clouds
Word Search Creator
Adding Fractions
Equal Proportions Dirt Bikes
Equal Ratios Asteroids
Equivalent Fractions BINGO
Fraction Fling
How Many Marbles?
It’s Glow Time – Mean, Median, Mode, & Range
Math Facts Basketball
Math Lines Multiplication
MATH MAN + – x /
Math Quiz
Math Stack
Multiplication Mine
Mystic Numbers
Number Ninja – Multiples
Number Ninja – Prime Numbers
Order of Operations
Pecking Order
Place Value Hockey
Puppy Chase | Fractions to Decimals
Recipe Remix – Converting Volume
Roman Numerals
Sudoku Math Puzzle
Swimming Otters Algebra
Zero Sum
Monster Typing Speed Practice
Optical Illusions and How They Work | AMNH
Ocean Creature Feature | AMNH
Play with Color and Light | AMNH
Plates on the Move Game | AMNH
Piloting Red Rover | AMNH
Little Alchemy Start with four basic items and combine them to make dinosaurs, unicorns and spaceships!
Dad, how do I?
Financial Literacy Curriculum Standards | Banzai
Word Games for Kids
Liberty’s Kids Animated Series on the American Revolution
A Kid Explains History Youtube Channel
Animal Cell Labeling | Biology Game
Space Typing Game For Kids
Mean, Median, Mode & Range Save the Princess | Statistics Game
Math Order of Operations With Exponents
Free Online Algebra Games for kids
Touch Typing & Keyboarding Games
Typing Tests
Beautiful Relaxing Games – Calm & Stress Relief Online Activities
Fun Science Videos
6TH GRADE GAMES – Play 6th Grade Games on HoodaMath
7TH GRADE GAMES – Play 7th Grade Games on HoodaMath
8TH GRADE GAMES – Play 8th Grade Games on HoodaMath
EPA Recycle City Challenge

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