Health Insurance for Children

Dear Friends of Families,

As we look ahead to a start of summer and a new school year, I’m hoping you will help disseminate the linked educational brochures with your contacts across the state.  I’d welcome your ideas on how to get these into the hands of every family you serve—with whom you interact. 

English brochure

Spanish brochure

I’ve had some of the school nutritionists committed to helping with the distribution in some schools across the state; it would be wonderful if you would collaborate by placing them in your agency/centers and throughout appropriate places where parents and grandparents could see them.

This link will take you to an order form which can be completed requesting that I send you packets (100 in each).  They are “palm cards” which means you can use them in mailing (USPS) as well as display on site.

Looking forward to hearing from many of you!

Kind regards,


Norma Martí 

Medicaid for Children/ NC Health Choice Minority Outreach Consultant

Division of Public Health, Children & Youth Branch

NC Department of Health and Human Services

Office:  919-707-5643