Kim Gorgens: The surprising connection between brain injuries and crime | TED Talk

Vinny was hit by a car when he was 15, and from that moment forward, spent more time in jail than in school. With some basic skill-building, after our assessment revealed that he had some pretty significant memory impairments, Vinny learned to use the alarm and reminder function on his iPhone to track important appointments, and he keeps a checklist to break larger tasks into smaller, manageable ones. And with basic tools like that under his belt, Vinny’s been out of jail for two years, clean for nine months, and recently back to work.

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Union County: Updated VA Forms

Many forms used for disability claims have changed in recent months. The VA routinely updates/changes/institutes new policies and procedures and this includes new forms.

If you have a disability claim, or have recently filed one, and receive a letter from the VA asking to submit an updated form, please contact the Union County Veterans Service Office office for assistance. The Veterans Service Officer who helped you file your claim will assist in ensuring the correct form is used.

If you are filing your claim on your own (not recommended), please make sure you google the form number to ensure you are using the most recent version.

If you have additional questions or would like more information about filing for your veterans benefits, please contact the Veterans Service Office at 704-283-3807.


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