Fun Summer Enrichment Links for Third Grade Review

Irregular Plural Nouns Ski Race Game
Identify the Text Features Game
Candy Shop Arrays Game Game
Sorting and Bar Graphing Game Game
Rock Star Ruler Measurement Game
Commas with Transition Words: Quiz Game
Bar Graph Egg Sorting Game Game
Repeated Addition at the Zoo Game
Two-Digit Subtraction with Borrowing Game
Multiply by 0 Quiz Game
Multiply by 0: Ski Racer Game
Dino Bones: Rounding Three-Digit Numbers to the Nearest 10 Game
Water Rafting: Rounding Three-Digit Numbers to the Nearest Hundred Game
Treasure Diving: Rounding Three-Digit Numbers to the Nearest 10 Game
Addition and Subtraction Word Problem Story Game
Dino Bones: Equations With the Same Product Game
Worm Sandwich: Fractions and Parts of a Whole Game
Three-Digit Subtraction with Borrowing Game
City Building: Area in Square Units Game
Multiply by 1: Matching Game
Multiply by 1 Ski Racer Game
Multiply by 10: Ski Racer Game
Two- and Three-Digit Addition with Regrouping Numbers Game
Fraction Conversions: Gem Mining Game
Apostrophes in Contractions Space Smash Game
Match: Equivalent Fractions Game
Multiply by 2: Quiz Game
Multiply by 2: Ski Racer Game
Multiply by 2 Matching Game
Picture Graphing Data: Fish Fish Everywhere!
Dino Photoshoot: Subject-Verb Agreement Game
Multiply by 3 Matching Game
Multiply by 3: Quiz Game
Multiply by 3: Ski Racer Game
Dino Fishing: Spelling Fun Game
World Tour: Measurement Game
Jumpy: Find the Antonyms Game
Seashell Fractions Game
Spelling Multi-Syllable Words Game: Floyd Danger Game
Sorting Metaphors Game
Colony Area Measurement Game
Lost Parents: Context Clues
Birthday Cake Detective
Multiply by 4 Matching Quiz Game
Multiply by 4: Quiz Game
Multiply by 4: Ski Racer Game
Jumpy: Multiplication Word Problems Game
Dino Skateboarding: Synonyms Game
Proper Nouns Space Smash Game
Area Models and Multiplication Word Problems Pool Creation Game
Fun Scaled Bar Graph Game
Subject-Verb Agreement with Trucks Game
Rounding Three-Digit Numbers on a Number Line Game
Dino Fishing: Rounding Three-Digit Numbers to the Nearest Hundred Game
Water Rafting: Rounding Three-Digit Numbers to the Nearest 10 Game
Dino Bones: Capitalization Game
Train Addition Game Game
Dino Skateboarding: Past Tense Verbs Game
Multiply by 5: Matching Game
Multiply by 5: Ski Racer Game
Multiply by 5: Quiz Game
Dino Bones: Superlative Adjectives Game
Transition Words Star Rumble Game
Sorting Similes Game
Multiply by 6: Matching Game
Multiply by 6 Quiz Game
Multiply by 6: Ski Racer Game
Apostrophes in Possessives: Undersea Explorers Game
Multiply by 7: Quiz Game
Multiply by 7: Matching Game
Multiply by 7: Ski Racer Game
Using Commas in a Series: Quiz Game
Choosing Homophones Game Game
Multiply by 8: Matching Game
Multiply by 8 Quiz Game
Multiply by 8: Ski Racer
Identifying Shapes Game
Dino Fishing: Comparative Adjectives Game
Dino Bones: Perimeter Game
Multiply by 9: Matching Game
Multiply by 9: Quiz Game
Multiply by 9: Ski Racer Game
Dino Fishing: Which Fraction Is the Biggest? Game
Treasure Diving: Multiplication Facts and Missing Factors Game
Multiply by 11 Ski Racer Game
Water Rafting: Multiplication Facts and Missing Factors Game
Graphing Word Problems Game
Dino Fishing: Multiplication Word Problems Game
Dino Photoshoot: Multiplication Facts Game
Jumpy: Multiplication Facts Game
Multiply by 12 Ski Racer Game
Floyd Danger: Quest for the Complete Sentence Game
Fractions: Parts of a Set Pancakes Game
Comparing Fractions with Like Denominators Game
Perimeter and Area Game
Dino Skateboarding: Multiplication Facts Game
3rd grade Typing Online Games
Mini Lessons – Constructing Triangles
Crazy Gator
Under the Sea
Lost Aliens
Wordyloo | Swipe Letters to Form Words
Hoppy | Syllable Games Online for Kids
Say What?! | Mad Libs Game
Word Shark | Parts of Speech Game | Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives
Grammar Police | Prefix Games Online | Language Arts Game for Kids
Jumpin Jack | Authors Purpose & Figurative Language
Vocab Vik | Vocabulary Games Online for Kids
Reading Raiders | Cause and Effect Games | 3rd Grade | 4th Grade
Draw Conclusions | Free Reading Skills Game
Main Idea | Free Reading Skills Game for Kids & Elementary Students
Typing Games for Kids | Mouse Games | Computer Lab
Turbo Typer | Typing Race Car Games Online
Splash the Sub | Water Balloon Game for Kids | Drawing Conclusions
Main Idea and Supporting Details Quiz
Syllable Slurp | Syllable Games | Vowel Sounds, Nouns & Verbs
Main Idea Millionaire
Fool’s Gold | Free Parts of Speech Game Online
Sequencing | Free Educational Reading Skills Game for Elementary Students
Solar Sequence | Sequencing Reading Game for Kids
Context Clues | Reading Skills Center Game | Free Activity for Elementary Students
Falling Stars | Word Forming Spelling Game
Analogies | Free Analogies Game for Kids Online
Cause and Effect | Free Reading Skills Game
ABC order
Comprehension Crane | Reading Comprehension Questions for Kids
Dash | Multiples and Skip Counting Game for Kids choose the numbers in order and don’t hit the birds
Base Ten Blocks | Place Value
Counting Money
Coins for Candy | Money Counting Game | Coin Counting
Time Matcher | Date and Time Conversions Game |
Sir Roundalot | Online Rounding Games for Kids
Boom Blocks | Math Facts & Number Recognition
Cheese Race | Free Math Facts Game for Kids
Block Buster | Fact Family Games for Kids
Spacebase 360 | Solving Inequalities Online
Road Racer | Cool Math Car Games | Comparing Numbers
Fast Facts | Free Timed Math Facts Games Online for Kids
Fraction Farm | Free Fraction Game for Kids Online
Pizzeria Parlor | Pizza Fraction Games Online
Zap-A-Zoid | Factors and Multiples Games Online
Decimalus Rex | Comparing Decimal Games Online
Alien Addends | Free Missing Addend Game for Kids
Time Teller | Telling Time Game | Reading a Clock | Elapsed Time Game
Monster Truck Mystery Number | Free Monster Truck Games for Kids
Space Pets | Skip Counting Games for Kids
Geo Patterns | Pattern Games
Geo Tombs | Area and Perimeter Games Online
FAQ for the free Scratch programming language – design your own games and animations
Kid Heroes Fractions | Online Fraction Games for Kids
Pest Detective: Educational & Fun Insect Game for Kids
Pest Rangers: Fun, Educational Insect Game for Kids
Math Baseball – a game on Funbrain
Helipopper – a game on Funbrain
Shape Invasion – a game on Funbrain
Measure It! – a game on Funbrain
MathCar Racing – a game on Funbrain – be careful, the blue Fun Brain will always choose the highest number answer in the column, so try to force it to choose from answers that are much lower than yours
Grammar Bees – a game on Funbrain
Bumble Numbers – a game on Funbrain
Math Soccer – a game on Funbrain
Math Basketball – a game on Funbrain
Change Maker – a game on Funbrain
Shape Surveyor – a game on Funbrain
Math Mountain – a game on Funbrain
Weather Dog – a game on Funbrain
Soccer Shootout – a game on Funbrain
Scramble-Saurus – a game on Funbrain
Guess the Number – a game on Funbrain
Greater or Lesser / Greatest or Least – Early Math Game- Balloon Pop
Skip Count – Advanced – Fruit Splat Game- Early Math
Group Count – Early Math- Fruit Splat Game – Math Game
Odd Even Fruit Splat – Math Game
Number Patterns: Balloon Pop – Math Game
Shapes Splat – Math Game
Fractions Splat – Math Game
Clock Splat – Math Game
Quadrilateral Shape Game – Early Geometry Math Game for kids
Symmetry Shape Game – Early Geometry Math Game for kids
Symmetry Line Game – Early Geometry Math Game for kids
Perimeter Shape Game – Early Geometry Math Game for kids
Area Shape Game – Early Geometry Math Game for kids
Multiplication – Balloon Pop Math Game – 4 levels – Math Game
Addition Game – Catch the Stars – Math Game
Number Line Addition Game – Fruit Splat – Basic Operations Math
Addition Game – Fruit Splat Skill Builders – Math Game
Multiples Math Game – Fruit Splat Skill Builders
Mixed Operations Math Game – Fruit Splat Skill Builders
Compared Fractions – Balloon Pop Math Game
Compare Equations – Mixed Operations Math Game – Fruit Splat Skill Builders
National Geographic Recycle Roundup game
Fractions Addition Splat – Math Game
Fractions Subtraction Splat – Math Game
Reduce Fractions Splat – Math Game
Equivalent Fractions Splat – Math Game
Fractions to Decimals – Fruit Splat Math Game
Fractions Number Line Tutorial – Math
Animal Rescue: Fractions Number Line Game – Math Games
Coins Splat – Math Game
On Time – Analog Clock Math Game
Multiplication Game – Pop Up Math Game
Greater, Less than and Equal to – with words – Early Math Game – Math Game
Do you have enough Money? – Early Math Game – Counting Coins
Estimate Fractions in Shapes – Math Game
Multiples Game – Catch the Stars – Math Game
Ordering Money – Balloon Pop – Early Math Game – Math Game
Skeleton Tutorial – Anatomy- Health Game
Earth Tips – Easy and Simple Ways to Help the Planet, Every Day!
Grade 3 – Practice with Math Games
NCTM Tessellation Creator
Dance Mat Typing Learn today, build a brighter tomorrow
Spelling and Phonics Games for Kids
Spelling Brain Teasers
Free Online Spelling Training & Games for Grades 1, 2, 3 and 4
Word Scramble Puzzles for the Classroom–or Anywhere!
Try Spelling Games Online for Fun Spelling Practice
Basketball Math Game
Math Bingo Game | Super Cool Math Workouts
Area Game | Climber – Geometry Games for Kids
Apple Island Estimation
Touchdown Fraction Game | 3rd Grade Math Games
Magic Multiplication
Mission: Addition
Multiplication Racing Game | 3rd Grade Math Games
Beat Box » Toy Theater | Learn • Create • Play
Combo Multiplication
Disguise Spy Game | Educational Games
Jewel Diver Pie Chart Game | 3rd Grade Math Game
Missing Divisor Game | Division Teaching Tools
Missing Multiplier | Multiplication Teaching Tool
Perimeter Game | Climber – Geometry Games for Kids
Piano C-Major | Online Music Education Activities
Pieces Shape Puzzle
Visual Memory Puzzle
ABC Slider Puzzle
100 Snowballs!
Adventure Man and the Counting Quest
Adventure Man Dungeon Dash – Letters
Adventure Man Dungeon Dash – Numbers
Avian Alphabet
Base Ten BINGO
Base Ten Blocks
Base Ten Fun
Break the Bank – Counting
Clear It Addition
Clear It Multiplication
Comparing Number Values
Contraction Action
Crossword Puzzle Creator
Division Derby
Dolphin Dash – Counting Money
Drop Sum
Ducky Race Subtraction
Equivalent Fractions BINGO
Fraction Fling
Fun Factory – Punctuation & Capitalization
Fuzz Bugs Factory Hop
Gobble Squabble
Guess the Number
Hold the Phone – An Idiom Game
How Many Marbles?
Interactive Number Chart
Jet Ski Addition
Journey to the Past Tense
Koala Paddle Boards – Spelling Practice
Later Gator – Subject Verb Agreement
Learn to Count Money
Learn to Tell Time
Marble Drop Addition
Marvin Makes Music – Storybook
Math Facts Basketball
Math Lines Addition
Math Lines Multiplication
Math Quiz
Math Stack
Monster Mansion – Math Match + – x /
Multiplication Mine
Multiplication Space Race
Mystic Numbers
Nouns and Verbs
Number Grid Fireworks
Number Ninja – Multiples
Number Ninja – Prime Numbers
Number Patterns
Number Race
Out of Sight Words
Pancake Panic – Homophones
Parts of Speech
Parts of Speech Quest 1 – Nouns
Parts of Speech Quest 2 – Verbs
Parts of Speech Quest 3 – Adjectives
Parts of Speech Quest 4 – Adverbs
Parts of Speech Quest 5 – Pronouns
Parts of Speech Quest 6 – Prepositions
Parts of Speech Quest 7 – Conjunctions
Parts of Speech Quest 8 – Interjections
Parts of Speech Quest 9 – Final Review
Pecking Order
Place Value Hockey
Recipe Remix – Converting Volume
Rounding Numbers
Sight Word BINGO
Slimezilla vs. the Compound Words
Spelling Spree
Step Right Up! – Synonyms & Antonyms
Strolling with my Gnomies
Submarine Spelling Practice
Sudoku Math Puzzle
Type a Friendly Letter
Word Clouds
Coordinates Rush Game
Identifying Conjunctions | Conjunction Games
Optical Illusions and How They Work | AMNH
Play with Color and Light | AMNH
Silk Road Fables | AMNH
Sounds of the Silk Road | AMNH
T. rex Roar Mixer | AMNH
The Amazing Mundo | AMNH
Link with Actions | Verb Games
Journal Buddies Writing Prompts
Little Alchemy Start with four basic items and see what happens when you put them together
Learn to Type Game
Financial Literacy Curriculum Standards | Banzai
A Kid Explains History Youtube Channel
Fill blanks with correct Conjunctions | Conjunction Games
Play 3rd Grade Games on HoodaMath
​​Tangrams | Geometry Game
Mean, Median, Mode & Range Save the Princess | Statistics Game
Completing the Sentence with Coordinating Conjunction | Conjunction Games
Hammer Multiplication Game
Match The Sentences With Correct Pronouns | Pronoun Games
Choose the Correct Adjective Option | Adjective Game
Completing the Sentence with Subordinating Conjunction | Conjunction Games
Words Unscramble | Spelling Game
Find multiples – Multiplication Game
Continents Labeling | Vocabulary Game
Turtle Diary Word Ladder Game
Coordinating Conjunctions | Conjunction Games
Space Typing Game For Kids
Contractions Maze | Contractions Games
Birthday Words Hangman
Scramble Game | Spelling Game
Colors Hangman
Sentence Unscramble Games Grade 3
​​Capitalization Cruise | Capitalization Games
Match the Phrases Simple Complex and Compound Sentences
Punctuation Mystery | Capitalization Game

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