Summer Enrichment Links for Kindergarten Review

Hands-on Kindergarten Activities
Dinosaur Train: Rail Rally Game
Get Ready to Read! Painting Cookies
Curious George: Ribbit
The Cat in- the-Hat-Knows-a-Lot-About-That: Bridge-a-Rama
Recipe for Writing
Snails and Snacks
Sesame Street: Grover’s Winter Games
Let’s Fix Chuck’s Machine
PBS Memory Match
Snoring Story Game
Curious George: Fair Shares
That’s a Pattern
Apple Picking Online Game
How Do You Feel Today?
Peg’s Pizza Place
PBS Bug Catcher Online Game
Costume Box Digital Game | Peg + Cat
PBS Flower Garden Online Game
PBS Hide and Seek Online Game
Magical Shape Hunt
Dino Crunch: 3D Shapes Game
Letter Sounds Match-Up Game
3D Shapes Ice Cream Attack Game
Silent E Conveyor Belt
Lowercase Letter Pop Game
Biggest and Smallest Mud Hop
Positional Words Matching Game
Picnic Color Sorting Game
Airplane Tangram Game
Nighttime Photoshoot Game
Comparing Numbers 11-20 Game
Unicycle Race Measurement Practice Game
Seasons Suitcase Sorting Game
Numbers 1 to 10 Matching Game
Telling Time: AM or PM? Game
Spot the Blended Words Game
Match the Opposite Pictures Game
Sight Words Match: Set 2 Game
Ordering Numbers 11-20 Game
School Bus Bridge Spelling Game
Sight Words Cloud Catcher 3
Treasure Chest Subtraction
Single-Digit Addition Matching Game
Beginner Skip Counting Game
Match the Letters Game
Lowercase Letters Cloud Catcher Game
Adding Eggs with Birdee Game
Blending Sounds Hopper Game
Match Addition Patterns Game
Spot the Difference
Sight Words Memory Match
Shapes Ski Race Game
Word Families: -at Game
Match the Letters MZ Game
Building Numbers Pizza Party Game
School Bus Spelling Game
Ski Racer: Compare Numbers 1-10
Measuring at the Circus Game
Ordering Numbers 1-10 Game
Sight Words Hopper Game 2
Ski Racer: Addition to 5
Upper Case Letter Pop Game
Fishing to Make Ten Game
Word Families An – and Game
Letter Sounds Hopper
Counting Pizza Party Game 2
Confusing Lowercase Letters Bingo
Ending Sounds Jumping Game
Comparing Quantities Quiz Game
Matching Treasure Chest Game
Number Guessing Game Game
Subtraction Within 10 Quiz Game
Uppercase Letters Photoshoot Game
Patterns Puzzle Game
Food Number Recognition Game
Short O Cloud Catcher
Treasure Diving: Counting by 10s
Water Rafting Counting by 10s Game
Lowercase Letter Mud Hopper Game
Ski Racer: Identifying Numbers 11-20
Numbers 1 to 10 Balloon Pop Game
Subtraction Facts Within 5 Match Game
Number Pair Staircase Game
Lowercase Letters Cloud Catching Game
Hats Addition Game
Guess Who Ice Cream Game 2
Ski Racer: Addition to 10
Short E Match-Up Game
What Doesn’t Belong? Quiz Game
Water Rafting: Compare Numbers 0-20 Game
Solve the Number Riddle Game Game
Find the Zany Zoo Objects Game
Switch the Letter Game
Monster Letters msbrpktgf
Segmenting Gum Stretch Game
Bumper Cars Game
Word Families Hop: ike-ite
Monster Letters: ndhjclwvyz
Silent E Quiz Game
Spot the Difference 2 Game
Short O Moving Match Game
Cloud Catcher Numbers 20-30
Confusing Lowercase Letters Ski Race
Muggo Subtraction Puzzle
Pop Bubbles from 100
Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To Game
Counting to 20
It’s Fun to Read
Learn to Read with Short Vowel Pals!
Cloudy Day Word Play | Sight Word Game
Spider Swatter | Missing Letter Alphabet Game
Monster Color Match | Color Matching Games for Kids
Beginning Sounds | Letter Game
Monkey In The Middle | Middle Sounds Game
Rhyme Round Up | Rhyming Games Online for Kids
Double Click Shapes and Colors | Mouse Practice Shapes Games
Alpha Jet Pets | Letter Game | Uppercase & Lowercase Letters
The ScratchJr app
Math Baseball – a game on Funbrain
Helipopper – a game on Funbrain
Simon Sees – a game on Funbrain
Apple Catch – a game on Funbrain
Shape Invasion – a game on Funbrain
Rock The Boat – a game on Funbrain
Cake Monster – a game on Funbrain
Connect the Dots – a game on Funbrain
Scramble-Saurus – a game on Funbrain
Color Game – Preschool & Kindergarten Games
Color Game 2 – Preschool & Kindergarten Games
Find & Count – Animal Forest Game – Preschool & Kindergarten Games
Farm Animal Flashcards – Preschool & Kindergarten Games
Animal Farm Game – Preschool & Kindergarten Games
Create an Animal Farm – Preschool & Kindergarten Games
Paint and Make – Summer- Seasons
Number Words – Early Math- Fruit Splat Game – Math Game
Shapes Splat – Math Game
Forest Animal Flashcards – Preschool & Kindergarten Games
Create an Animal Forest – Preschool & Kindergarten Games
Animal Ocean Movie
Animal Jungle Movie
Animal Farm Movie
Coloring Pages for Young Kids
Wind Counting Game | Kindergarten Math Games
NCTM Five Frame
Colors Labeling | Vocabulary Game
Ten Frame NCTM Interactive
Boddle Math Parents’ Page
Kindergarten – Practice with Math Games
Fish Feeder Math Game | Kindergarten Math Games
Butterfly Addition Game | Kindergarten Math Games
Single Digit Addition Game
Identify Shapes Game |
Color by Addition
Heavy or Light – Units of Measurement Game
Word Ladder Game
Partners in Rhyme | Phonics Games
Are You A Wordsmith | Vocabulary Game
Fruits Labeling | Plant Game
Human Body Parts Labeling | Science Game
Human Face Labeling | Science Game
I Spy Animals | Animal Game
Vegetables Labeling | Plant Game Kids Learn Coding
Teach Your Monster to Read: Free Phonics & Reading Game
Typing Play| Educational Games
Alphabet Order
Feed Freddy Matching Game
Spaceship Maze | Free Online Maze for Kids
Interactive Clock | Telling Time | Analog & Digital | Toy Theater Toy Theater
Butterfly Matching Game | Kindergarten Math Games
Monkey Fly | Math Games for Kids
Fish Feeder Math Game
Butterfly Addition Game | Kindergarten Math Games
Car Race Order Game | Kindergarten Math Games
Frogwise Time Telling Game
How Many Math Game | Kindergarten Math Games
Snowflake Art Activity
Mirror Art & Math Activity | Educational Games
Twirl Art & Math Activity | Educational Games
Road Sign Maker
Animal Dot to Dot | Kindergarten Math Games
Beat Box » Toy Theater | Learn • Create • Play
Xylophone » Toy Theater | Learn • Create • Play
Visual Memory Puzzle
Hidden Picture Puzzle
Adventure Man Dungeon Dash – Letters
Addition with Manipulatives
Adventure Man and the Counting Quest
Andy’s Golf
Andy’s Golf 2
Baby Chick Maze
Base Ten BINGO
Base Ten Blocks
Base Ten Fun
Blast Off! Numerical Order
Break the Bank – Sorting
Break the Bank – Sorting
Cake Topping
Comparing Number Values – Junior
Create a Car
Cup Stacking – Keyboarding
Donut Drop
Dress for the Weather
Find the Technology
First to Five
Five Senses
Fuzz Bugs Factory Number Bonds
Fuzz Bugs Farm – Consonant Blends
Get in Shape – Geometry
Henry and the Sugarbugs
How Many Marbles?
Interactive Number Chart
Jelly Collapse
Keyboarding Zoo
Keyboarding Zoo 2
Let Me Grow
Lilly, the Wild Cat – Storybook
Make a Robot
Make a Treehouse – ABCya!
Marvin & Sweetie – Storybook
Marvin Makes Music – Storybook
Molly Adds & Subtracts from 10
Molly Adds Up to 10
Molly’s More or Less Quest
Monster Mansion – Shape Match
Multiplication Mine Jr
Number Bubble – Count to 100
Number Bubble – Skip Counting
Number Chart
Number Grid Fireworks
Oli Finds His Place in the Dirt – Storybook
Out of Sight Words
Pixel Art
Random Name Picker
Road Rally
Roll to the Finish
Sight Word BINGO
Submarine Spelling Practice
Sum of all Dice
Sushi Slicer
The Annual Fiddlers Picnic
Tingly Bubble Shooter
Typing Rocket Junior
Upper & Lowercase Letter Match
Word Clouds
Little Alchemy Start with four basic items and see what happens when you put them together
Alphabats – Rhyming • ABCya!
Alphabats – Alliteration • ABCya!
All About Me • ABCya!
ABC & 123 Magnets • ABCya!
Alphabats – Syllables • ABCya!
Alphabet BINGO • ABCya!
Alphabet Bubble – Letter sounds • ABCya!
Alphabet Slider Puzzle • ABCya!
Alphabetical Order – Learn to Put Things in ABC Order • ABCya!
Connect the Dots – ABC Order! • ABCya!
Letter & Number Tracing • ABCya!
Letter Bubble – Alphabetical Order • ABCya!
Molly’s Magic Adventure • ABCya!
Monster Mansion Match – Match Sounds to the Alphabet • ABCya!
100 Snowballs! What can you build? • ABCya!
Birthday Candle Counting • ABCya!
Connect the Dots • ABCya!
Flappy Dragon Junior • ABCya!
Fuzz Bugs – Counting, Sorting, & Comparing Game for Kids • ABCya!
Fuzz Bugs: Patterns • ABCya!
Learn to Count | More Than, Less Than Activity • ABCya!
Monster Mansion Match • ABCya!
Number BINGO • ABCya!
Number Match – Counting and Comparing • ABCya!
Turtle Diary Word Ladder Game
Play Kindergarten Games on HoodaMath

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