Many Community College Students Live in Poverty

Colleges Are No Match for American Poverty

Quotes from the article:

“A 2017 survey found that 42 percent of community-college students nationally experienced food insecurity within the past month—which could mean missing meals altogether or not being able to afford balanced meals—while 12 percent were considered homeless at some point in the previous year.”

“Beyond food insecurity, many students lurch from crisis to crisis, semester by semester. That’s part of why community-college graduation rates are so low, with only four in 10 students earning a degree within six years. ”


NC Pre-K Program

The Alliance for Children has asked me to share that it is welcoming applications now for the free North Carolina Pre-Kindergarten Program.

NC Pre-K is a state program designed to strengthen four-year-old (four by August 31) children’s academic, classroom and social skills the year before they enter Kindergarten.

Click here for more information and frequently asked questions:

Parents are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.