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Introduction to Writing by Speaking, Reading by Listening, and Dyslexia

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Basic Math, Reading and Life Skills

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Apps for Dyslexia

Playlist of instructional videos for Speechify, which allows the user to listen to any website with Speechify for Chrome or with the Android or IOS app. Listen to Gmail, Google Docs, Wikipedia, blogs, news articles, online courses, PDFs, and more

Google Play Books This e-book app for Android devices integrates with the operating system’s TalkBack accessibility feature in order to provide continuous text-to-speech with synchronized highlighting.

Natural Reader (text-to-speech) Text can be imported from other apps or placed directly into a blank document. The app also features auto-scrolling for longer documents. In addition, it has its own Internet browser that extracts just the text from Web pages for easier reading. Includes text-to-speech with synchronized highlighting, integrated Web browser, and Dropbox integration.

Talk This app is a basic text-to-speech tool for people who use Android devices. It can read a variety of text, such as website articles, stories from news apps, and copy-and-pasted email messages. Includes text-to-speech with synchronized highlighting, various visual and auditory settings, and the ability to export text as audio files. 

Dragon Anywhere is a voice recognition app that allows the user to see the text generated through speaking instead of typing. It can be used with popular social networking applications.  The paid version allows you to dictate documents of any length, easily edit and adjust formatting and quickly share them on the most popular cloud-sharing services directly from your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

More Text-to-Speech Readers

Grammarly – free grammar and spelling checker for use with the Chrome browser

Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader This Google Chrome browser extension allows the computer to read selected text aloud to the user.  Once set up, highlight the text in the Google doc or website you want read, press the megaphone icon next to the Google search tab or  press Option P and the computer should read the selected text aloud to you.

Union County Library

You can borrow books, including digital books and audiobooks, through the Union County Public Library. You will need to get a library card first. You can apply online. You don’t even have to go into the library building to pick up materials and you can borrow digital materials from your mobile device. Sometimes you can even borrow both the e-book or printed book as well as the audiobook and that will allow you to read along with the audiobook. Most of the e-books you borrow can be read aloud to you by your mobile device. There are several sources for borrowing audiobooks through the Union County Library. Bring your device into the library or the Common Heart Literacy Office for assistance.

Find Audiobooks on Hoopla
Find Audiobooks on Overdrive
Find Audiobooks on RB Digital

Computer Literacy – typing lessons and games

parts of a computer and how it works